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OSIS sees online, interactive, investor reports as an essential tool and perfect opportunity to communicate with your investors. Many of your investors will visit this investor reporting site regularly and it is a perfect place for you to build your brand and reflect your quality and professionalism.

Over recent years, clients have become more demanding looking for more detailed, prompt, easily accessible and manageable reports. OSIS can offer interactive, cloud-based, investor reports that are easy-to-read, customisable, well-designed and compliant (where required).

We offer our clients the ability to choose their own fonts, styling, branding, layout, logo’s, etc. OSIS have been specialists for many years in data visualisation and are able to utilise cutting-edge technology to help you display the data in a practical, easily-digestible format. With the OSIS investor reporting solution, we offer scalability for additional investors/users without the need for more human resources.
Where possible we follow established market standards like the loan level data taxonomy of the European Central Bank and the investor reporting template for RMBS by Dutch Securitisation Association.
The user can slice and dice the portfolio, compare sequential investor reports and get the information in a graph or displayed on a map.

Credit Modeling

Investors do not employ large credit modeling teams and want to limit their costs in monitoring the credit risk they have invested in. This may prevent them investing in your assets or they will want to pay a low price as compensation for their uncertainty. Along with the investor reports, OSIS also delivers credit models based on the data in the investor reports, which can be calibrated by the user. These models are self-learning, dynamic and can be used in combination with macro-scenarios also defined by the user.

OSIS models are compliant with Basel IV, EBA stress testing / CCAR and lifetime expected loss / CECL.

Security & Compliance

As a banking/financial-services solutions provider, security is central to all of our operations. We ensure that every user has a username, password and multi-factor authenticator, which means the user can only access their specific data and reports. This can easily be maintained and managed using our investor reporting user interface which is where you can easily add, delete and maintain users.
We encrypt the connection to our server, keep the data encrypted and have an audit log for each user access – recording date and time, length of session, pages accessed, versioning, amendments, etc. This report can be accessed online. We distribute our reports/messages through secure portals.


Once the original design is complete and you are happy, we can optimise your workflow with automated regular reporting. We can also ensure that your report delivery is monitored to ensure everything is going smoothly without manual intervention. You can also facilitate instant changes to reports, create ad-hoc reports and messages and deliver these instantly. We can also record and, if required, report back to you when a report/message has been viewed/opened.

Timely & Accurate Data

Clients are more expectant and demanding in today’s financial services environment. We offer an end-to-end service through our centralised data aggregation, modeling, validation and processing. You securely upload your client and fund performance data to us and we will do the rest, ensuring that our reports are generated timely and accurately.

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