LoanCracker™: more than 50 million loans at your finger tips

LoanCracker™ is a new online analytical platform to analyze large loan level data sets from the European Data Warehouse (“ED”) and US agencies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. LoanCracker™ provides access to loan information in RMBS, SME, Lease, Consumer- and Auto finance with interactive visualisations and fast easy-to-use analytics.

The analysis of European data is developed in close cooperation with ED and interacts daily with EDplus, the ED data download and synchronization tool.

With LoanCracker™ the user can create single deal reports, benchmark multiple transactions, originators, vintages and countries while looking at loan characteristics, loan underwriting, loan modifications, loan performance like delinquencies, prepayments, forbearance and repurchases. Dynamic pool performance analysis is possible with the creation of time series and roll rates. In one view the user we can compare deals, banks and countries across multiple dimensions.

LoanCracker™ is web based and accessible for computers and tablets. The user can download on-screen reports in JPG or PDF format and, in the professional version, it is possible to drill down to individual loan information and download loans to Excel for more detailed analysis. The user can filter on data errors based on over 1,000 consistency checks per loan. OSIS also provides bespoke solutions to ABS originators and Data providers by allowing to adding the entire bank book using the OSIS upload and data quality engine LoanQualifier™.

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In order to access LoanCracker™ please use your password, logonID and your credentials from ED.

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