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Financial Statement Scraper

The Financial Statement Scraper is a web-based software that allows the user to convert Pdf documents into easy-to-handle structured data. The tool will produce and store standardized, digitized and curated data in order to automatically feed reports and calibrate models.


  • Upload reports and financial statements as .pdf format;

  • The tool will automatically read the documents and scrape tabular data

  • Transform the information into a standardized format (SBR template);

  • Download stored tables and use it as input to feed standard internal reports or calibrate models.


  • Table extraction from text-based pdfs;

  • Variable recognition and matching to SBR Banken template;

  • Template Rules library: a set of instructions that tell our self-learning algorithms how to extract and map the data to an SBR field;

  • Storage of scraped variables into a data repository, enabling an automatic feed of internal reports, cash flow and rating models;

  • Balance sheet and P&L consistency checks, to interpret correctness of scraped variables and corresponding values;

  • Visualization of data: projections of the available information throughout the years.


The Financial Statement Scraper tool is developed using open source software and deployed within the RStudio Connect online server environment of OSIS. The tool is deployed in the cloud and accessed online through the browser. The user is not required to install the software locally.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and see how we can assist, please email or contact him on +31 70 32 60 370.